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To see and read Ronald Reagan's original handwritten letter to his father-in-law, Dr. Loyal Davis, click here.

One-page brochure with the Bible's plan of salvation, click here.


Origin of the Devil and the Battle of the Ages

PDF File

a sermon by the late Dr. J. P. McBeth

professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

and Criswell College


A Visual Comparison of the Reliability of the New Testament Documents

and other ancients texts received as reliable.


Lectures and Podcast from Dr. James Tour of Rice University.

One of the most powerful speakers on science and faith

you will ever hear.

Papers from the Creation Sciences Fellowship Conference in 2018


Archived videos from Moody Institute of Science




Click here for the Missions Family Tree of First Baptist (Okc), and Kelham's Missions


An Excellent Review and critical response to Rob Bell's "Love Wins"

Great Apologetics Information

Answers in Genesis Website

an excellent Creationist website


Excellent Chronology of the Life of King David (PDF File)

by William H. Gross, On the Wing

The Jesus Family Tomb—Does It Contain the Bones of Jesus of Nazareth?

(A critique by Dr. Charles Quarles of Louisiana College

—this is a PDF file)

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