Rental Information for Kelham Kabin

Kelham Kabin is available for rental during the weeks of Falls Creek. A security deposit is required to rent

the Kabin. The deposit must be by check: we do not accept or process credit or debit cards.

Any damages, including cleaning costs, will be deducted, subject to inspection by our caretaker.

The telephone numbers for the caretaker will be provided on an attachment to your Falls Creek contract, listing

the rules and regulations for the renting the Kabin.

Falls Creek Camp requires criminal records checks for all sponsors.

For rental information and available dates, call (405) 946-9826. A signed contract is required,

and all renters must run criminal background checks on all sponsors.


The Kabin sleeps 60 (30 boys/30 girls) and has kitchen facilities (two stoves, commercial

refrigerator and freezer) and a cafeteria area.

No utensils or silverware are provided.

Renters are expected to bring their own utensils and implements.

Cooks' quarters with separate facilities are

off the kitchen. The cooks' quarters will sleep two or three.

For more information and to see whether your dates are available, e-mail us or call (405) 946-9826.

The Kabin is also available for rental at other times, with fees depending on the

number of days. Contact us for detailed information.