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Kelham—Church on the Move, a History by Gene Brewington




In 1989, in preparation for Kelham's seventy-fifth anniversary celebration, Gene Brewington, an avid genealogist and amateur historian, wrote a definitive history of Kelham Baptist Church. Working with the pastor, who proofread, fact-checked, and edited, Gene produced Kelham—Church on the Move, a bound volume that was given to all who attended the anniversary celebration.

Billy Tuter, a graphic artist who now works for the Baptist Messenger, scanned old photographs Gene was able to locate. These were manually pasted into the originals; so they are not present in the chapters reproduced here. Technology in 1989 was far behind the rapid developments we've since seen. This was a herculean effort on Gene's part, marshalling the resources, writing the chapters on his Windows 3.1 computer in WordPerfect and then translating them for editing and production on the pastor's Macintosh in WriteNow. Long hours were spent in this labor of love. Less than twenty-four hours before the celebration, an army of members and volunteers were copying, running to Kinko's, and collating and binding the volumes.

The pastor recently came across these files on an old Mac floppy (400K) and had to do all kinds of computer magic to retrieve them. Chapter 6 will have to be manually scanned and it will be posted later.

Gene passed away in July, 2001, and he is sorely missed. His obituary, like most, hits only the highlights of Gene's life.

Clicking on the individual links below will download a PDF file of the original chapter pages, with offsets for binding.

  Chapter 1: A New Beginning 


Chapter 2: A Seed Planted 

Chapter 3: God's Man, God's Plan  

Chapter 4: Missions Accomplished!

Chapter 4 Missions Appendix  

Chapter 5: A Prince Has Fallen

Chapter 6: Justice, Hall, and a Move

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