Kelham Baptist Church

"Strength for Today,

Hope for Tomorrow"


Sermon Topics for December 16

AM: The Savior Is Coming

PM: The Savior Is Coming


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About Kelham Baptist Church

Kelham Baptist Church began in December of 1913 on the east
side of Oklahoma City. We celebrated 100 years in 2013.
Sarah Kelham Bath, wife of real estate developer Vincent Bath, saw the need for a Sunday School for neighborhood children, and that became Kelham Baptist Church. She began a Sunday School in her home around 1911 to reach children in the neighborhood. This church grew from that small beginning.

In 1955, Kelham moved from Kelham Avenue to NE 36th and Staton Drive, taking in Park Estates, a mission of First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. Several years before the church moved, it spent almost $250,000 (in 1954 dollars—multiply by 10!) renovating the faciliities because Pastor Anson Justice believed a church of some kind proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ would be there. Those facilities currently house Avery Chapel, AME.

In the late 1960s, Kelham moved to the northwest side of Oklahoma City, in the process taking in the membership of Utah Avenue Baptist Church. The two structures Kelham constructed on NE 36th and Staton Drive now house two different Baptist churches.

Kelham Baptist Church is a place you can call home. Our music is traditional (we sing hymns from hymnbooks) not because we are old-fashioned but because the hymns powerfully emphasize historic teachings of our faith. The community of God's people singing is a powerful testimony. Our preaching is expositional (we explain the Bible and apply its teachings to our lives today). Our church family is warm and welcoming.

"Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow"

Kelham Baptist Church

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